Waking up with Funkyreaders

Waking Up With Funkyreaders

A Day In The Life Of Funkyreaders

Martin and Judith love starting their day off on the right foot, and Funkyreaders eyewear plays an important role in making sure they do just that. Funkyreaders has become not just a business but a love affair.

“We know how important it is for our customers to look and feel good wearing their glasses. That's why we work hard to curate the perfect selection of fashion eyewear, reading glasses and sun reading glasses, so you can find something suited to your individual style. Whether you're looking for a bold statement piece or something more subtle you'll always find something that you love in our collection. From contemporary to classic, traditional to modern, we have options for everyone. And with our free shipping on orders over £35 and our 30 days returns policy, it's easy to shop the perfect pair of glasses without any stress or hassle. So don't wait - come explore Funkyreaders today! We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

A Typical Day At Funkyreaders

It's always an adventure! We love getting to know our customers and hearing their stories, from what inspired them to buy a pair of glasses to how they style it. We get excited about all the new trends in eyewear, so there's always something fresh and exciting for us to explore. And we work hard to put together collections that are sure to delight. It's a never-ending journey of discovery, and we wouldn't have it any other way! So come join us on the Funkyreaders adventure - you won't regret it. Thank you for already being part of this incredible journey. Rest assured that we will always do our best to provide first class customer service

1. Check The Emails.

The first thing that we do after a morning coffee and a bowl of fruit is to check the emails that have come in overnight. Any messages from customer’s or their orders will show up in the inbox. We don’t` know how we lived without emails they are such a fast way to communicate. We try to reply as quickly as possible to customers queries and arrange if necessary to speak to them on the phone to advise or to take an order.

2. Login To Funkyreaders

Our website was designed and built by a wizard called Sam Jay Heaton. He is one of the nicest most professional web guys you could meet. Nothing is too much trouble for him. If we spot any potential problems after logging in we can email or call him and he will look after the problem.

We have a dashboard on the website where we can instantly see activity on the site and details of new customers and all the overnight orders.

3. Print Those Orders.

The orders and address labels are now printed off ready to process them and prepare for delivery. We then personally notify via the website order notification box that we are processing and will post the customers order out later that day.

4. Pick The Orders.

Judith looks after the picking of the orders and will identify any problems. We are only human and can make mistakes. We may not have a strength in stock of a particular style that a customer may have chosen. If that happens, we notify the customer straight away either by phone or email to discuss the problem. The customer can ask for a refund ,or pick another style or they may be able to use a different strength. Thankfully it does not happen very often. Once the reading glasses are picked they are packed ready for posting later in the day.

5. Brain Storming

A favourite part of the day is when we sit down with a coffee and chat about the business. We will look at the finances, and then look at the front end of the website to see if there are any changes that need to be made. As a ecommerce business we have to keep the website homepage fresh and interesting. It is after all our shop window! Stock levels need to be looked at constantly together with any new styles from our suppliers and orders placed. By now it is time for lunch. Usually, Judith`s homemade soup and sandwich. Delicious!

6. Diary

Part of our business is attending fairs and shows up and down the country. We often have requests to attend shows at short notice. We also have to be sure that for the larger shows we attend such as Badminton, Burghley and Wealden Times in Kent that the paperwork is all in order. So, a discussion over the diary is well worth while.

7. New Stock Arrivals.

Some afternoons we have stock arriving from our suppliers. It is a time consuming task to check off the order to ensure it is correct, then place in the stock room and finally to put it up on the website. For instance as I am writing this piece a delivery of Doubleice reading glasses from Italy has arrived and I will have to process the delivery which will probably take up the rest of the day. People complain about the length of time it takes for delivery from Europe. You will probably be astounded when I tell you that I ordered yesterday and it arrived from Italy today!!

8. 1600 Hrs Time For The Post Office.

We like to ensure that all our orders go out to customers on the day the order is received. Sometimes it is not always possible for instance if we are at a show or a fair. But as a rule of thumb ordered to day it should be on its way. We offer free postage on orders over £35 in the UK and a Special delivery next day service costing £8.00. Standard postage is £4.79 which includes vat, For International deliveries worldwide we charge a standard £15. We usually arrive at Bramhall post office at about 1630 hrs. we know the owners and workers at the post office on first name terms and always after some banter with them.

9. End Of The Working Day

Our office working day is now usually over, but of course we are always available on email or on our phones to help and give advice to our customers and suppliers. We do occasionally have a drink on our way home. It is then back home and notifications are sent to all the customers with their shipping notifications and tracking details where appropriate. And as Bugs Bunny says “That’s all folks”.

10. Your Eyesight Matters.

Before we go we cannot emphasis how much your eyesight matters, so make sure that you visit your optician at least once a year and have your eyesight tested and the health of your eyes checked out.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith Cunningham