Doubleice Ernest Doubleice Ernest

Doubleice Ernest


Ernest Red Reading Glasses“But man is not made for defeat,” he said. “A man can be destroyed b..

Doubleice James Doubleice James

Doubleice James


James Yellow Reading GlassesJames yellow reading glasses, "A man of genius makes no mistakes. His er..

Doubleice Oscar Doubleice Oscar

Doubleice Oscar


Oscar Green Reading GlassesOscar Green reading glasses from Doubleice represent the famous Irish wr..

Doubleice Victor blue retro Doubleice Victor blue retro

Doubleice Victor blue retro


Victor Blue Retro Reading Glasses.The Victor Blue retro reading glasses represent Victor ..

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Reading glasses styles

Reading Glasses

Do I need to wear Reading Glasses?

Do I need to wear reading glasses. The answer to that iif you find that you are struggling to read the small print of a newspaper or household label then you may be suffering from Presbyopia and need reading glasses The first stop is your optician for an eye test. Presbyopia is nothing to worry about.

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects. It's a natural, often annoying part of aging. Presbyopia usually becomes noticeable in your early to mid-40s and continues to worsen until around age 65.

Your optician will be able to prescribe a prescription after your eye test where he will also have checked the health of your eyes.You may not be able to have straight forward non prescription reading glasses if your prescription is complicated but your optician will advise you.

If you are just suffering from long-sightedness then the optician can tell you what strength you need. For instance you may be told that you need the weakest strength a +1 to help magnify your vision for reading..

Strengths that we sell at Funkyreaders are from +1-+3.5 in half dioptre steps so there are a number of options available for you.

Reading glasses how can they can help me ?

The first question to ask your self is what do I need them for? Reading is one answer, but you may do very close work such as embroidery and only need them for that task. Generally you will need them for reading. Just think of the many places where they can help. Reading a menu in a restaurant, work on your computer, or just reading a book in the garden. Many of Funkyreaders customers and friends complain that they put their glasses down and cannot find them. The answer found to that dilemma was to have a pair in every room.

We have customers who work in the equestrian and agricultural sectors who use reading glasses but take them off and on repeatedly and would put them down and lose them. Our Hangover reading glasses have become a firm favourite. They are practical with longer temples that fit firmly on your head so that when you lean over they do not fall off. The extra long temples also allow you to hang them from your neck so you always know where they are.

What size of Reading Glasses do I need?

 There are a number of factors to take into consideration. The size of your head is one factor. You will need to look at the frame to start off with. The frame sits on your face so you need to have a frame size that fits from one side of your head at the temples to the other. The nose width is also important as people have different sizes of noses. The temples or arms need to be long enough to fit behind your ears. You can usually find a specification of the sizes when purchasing your reading glasses. We have a brand called izipizi  reading glasses specifications.Below

Here you will see that the temple or arm is 139mm long. Is that long enough for you? The frame is 137mm, will this fit your face temple to temple? The lens depth is 40mm. Is it deep enough for you?

At Funkyreaders we are here to talk to you about the sizes of reading glasses that we have available. You can call us on 07984457786.

What styles do Reading Glasses come in ?

Well where do we start....there are a great many styles available. Think first of all about your personality. Your reading glasses should reflect who you are. Are you into high Fashion ? Funkyreaders have a brand from Italy called Doubleice which are reading glasses for people who want to be avant garde and on trend.

Reading glasses styles

Are you into retro? then look for a circular shape. Our K-Eyes Marseille could be for you.

Reading glasses styles

Are there any Reading Glasses Brands?

At Funkyreaders we are the home of UK and European branded reading glasses. We have partnered with several brands for some years now and built up a good working relationship with them. We are therefore able to offer you the following brands

Should I buy reading glasses online?

Reading glasses are readily available online. The advantages of purchasing online is the easy at which you can look at a range of reading glasses, the style, the colour and the measurements. At Funkyreaders you can do this easily on our website. The reading glasses are despatched the same day of purchase by 1st class Royal Mail signed for or if you choose by next day Special Delivery. The reading glasses come with a no quibbles return policy and any problems with the glasses will be remedied immediately.

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Reasons To Buy reading glasses from Funkyreaders

Here Is What Some Of Our Customers Have Said In Reviews:

May I Thank You Once Again For Your Prompt And Courteous Service. It Certainly Counts For A Lot, In These Days Of Companies Only Thinking Of The Short-Term "Bottom Line", Without Reflecting On The Impact Of Poor Service On Their Reputation.
The Anton Glasses Seem Fine, With Good Flexible Hinges. Roger Prescott

Dear Martin.... My Order Has Arrived And I Am Really Pleased With The Glasses I Ordered. They Are Just As Advertised On Your Website.
Thanks For The Leaflets Enclosed.... I Have Put One In My Suitcase To Take To My Sister In England Next Week... She Loves Funky Glasses Too So I'm Sure She Will Be Placing An Order.
Many Thanks For Your Efficient Service. Lesley.

We Provide Reading Strengths From +1 -+3.5. You Will Find All Kinds Of Styles And Types Such As Computer Blue Light Filters Along With Fabulous Fashion Brands From Across Europe.

We Despatch Your Glasses The Same Day Of Purchase And Offer Free Shipping In The UK On Orders Over £35. Our Customers Generally Receive Their Reading Glasses The Next Day. 30 Days No Quibbles Return Policy Will Give You Confidence In Purchasing From Us.

If You Need Any Advice Or Need To Contact Us Even Just For A Chat Ring At Any Time On 07984457786. We Will Always Be Available Or Will Return Your Call.

Ciao For Now!

Martin And Judith