I Need You Lollipop blue I Need You Lollipop blue

I Need You Lollipop blue


I Need You Lollipop blue round reading glassesI Need You Lollipop blue round reading glasses are fun..

I Need You Lollipop green

I Need You Lollipop green


I Need You Lollipop greenI Need You Lollipop green women's reading glasses are flirty fun colou..

I Need You Lollipop orange reading I Need You Lollipop orange reading

I Need You Lollipop orange reading


I Need You Lollipop Orange Reading GlassesI Need You Lollipop Orange Reading Glasses – where vibrant..

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I Need You Lollipop red


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Brighten Your Reading Experience with I Need You Lollipop Glasses

I Need You Lollipop: Discover a world where fashion meets function with our exclusive collection of I Need You Lollipop Reading Glasses. Designed in the heart of Germany, these vibrant, colorful reading glasses are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and clarity. Ideal for reading enthusiasts, gift shoppers, and fashion-forward individuals, our Lollipop reading glasses offer a playful twist to traditional eyewear.

I Need You Lollipop Reading Glasses Dimensions

Our Lollipop readers come in precise dimensions for a comfortable and stylish fit on any face shape:

  • Frame length: 140 mm
  • Lens depth: 45 mm
  • Nose width: 15 mm
  • Temple length: 150 mm

Equipped with spring hinges for flexibility, these glasses are designed to provide comfort for prolonged wear, making them the ideal accessory for every reading session.

Available Lollipop Colours.

Choose from our vibrant selection of colours to match every mood and outfit:

  • Orange: Perfect for those who love a pop of sunshine.
  • Blue: A calming hue for tranquil reading moments.
  • Red: Make a bold statement with this energetic colour.
  • Green: A refreshing touch to complement any look.

Each pair of LOLLIPOP Reading Glasses promises to brighten even the darkest winter day, turning every reading experience into a moment of joy.

Unique Reasons why you should buy Lollipop:

Designed in Germany

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Lollipop readers boast German engineering, ensuring each pair meets the highest standards of quality and style.

Fun and Fashionable

Stand out from the crowd with our unique lollipop-inspired design. Available in an array of vibrant colours, these glasses offer a fun and fashionable alternative to conventional reading glasses.

Precision and Comfort

With accurate lens strengths ranging from +1 to +3, our Lollipop reading glasses cater to various reading needs while ensuring a comfortable fit, courtesy of our spring hinge technology.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a thoughtful gift for the book lover in your life? Or perhaps a stylish accessory that also enhances vision? Our Lollipop reading glasses are the perfect choice for anyone who values both fashion and functionality.

Brighten Your Bookshelf and Your Look

Why choose between style and clarity when you can have both? I Need You Lollipop Reading Glasses are designed for those who refuse to compromise. Choose your colour, find your strength, and enhance your reading experience with glasses that are as fun as they are functional.

Step into a brighter, clearer world. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect pair that not only helps you see better but also looks fabulous.

Reading Glasses Strength Guide - This is just a guide-always Consult your Optician.

Navigating the array of reading glasses strengths can be bewildering. Knowing which magnification suits your vision best, especially as it changes with age, is crucial for maintaining comfort and clarity. Whether perusing your favourite book, working on intricate crafts, or spending hours on the computer, the right pair of reading glasses can significantly enhance your visual experience.

Understanding Dioptres and Strengths

Reading glasses come in various strengths, indicated by dioptres, which measure the optical power of the lenses. They range from +1 to +3.5, increasing in steps of +0.5 (e.g., +1, +1.5, etc.). The strength you require depends on your age, the nature of the task, and your visual acuity.

  • +1 to +1.5: Ideal for individuals aged 40 to 50 who are noticing slight difficulties in reading fine print.
  • +1.5 to +2: Suitable for those aged 51 to 55, providing a moderate magnification for reading and detailed work.
  • +2: Recommended for individuals aged 56 to 60, offering a higher level of magnification for clearer vision.
  • +2.5 to +3: Best for those aged 61 to 65, these strengths cater to more advanced visual requirements, providing substantial magnification.

The strength of your reading glasses should offer a balance that clears your vision without strain. Always verify the strength, usually printed on the arm of the glasses or on a lens sticker, before making a purchase.

Selecting the Right Strength

It's generally advisable to try on reading glasses before committing to ensure they provide the right level of magnification. If you believe you need a +2 but find the vision blurry, stepping down to a +1.5 might provide a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience.

Your daily activities should also inform your choice of reading glasses:

  • For close needlework or detailed crafts, a higher magnification, such as +3, could prove beneficial.
  • For computer use, consider glasses that offer magnification and blue light protection to mitigate eye strain and enhance digital screen readability.

Remember, the optimum reading glasses strength should make reading and close-up tasks comfortable and strain-free.

When to Consult an Optician

While this guide can help you start your search for the perfect pair of reading glasses, nothing replaces professional advice from an optician. If you're experiencing significant or unexplained changes in your vision, scheduling an eye examination is crucial. An optician can provide a precise assessment of your vision needs, ensuring you select reading glasses that not only improve your sight but also support your eye health.

Final Thoughts

In the quest for the perfect pair of reading glasses, understanding your needs and the available strengths is just the beginning. Your lifestyle, the type of tasks you undertake, and, importantly, professional guidance from an optician, all play a role in finding the ideal solution for your vision. With the right pair of reading glasses, not only will you see the world more clearly, but you'll also relieve your eyes of unnecessary strain, enhancing overall comfort and satisfaction.