#J Blue tortoise #J Blue tortoise

#J Blue tortoise


 izipizi J blue tortoise reading glasses are a cool round retro shape. Wear izipizi  J ..

#J tortoise #J tortoise

#J tortoise


izipizi  J tortoise round reading glasses are made for cool dudes who like a round re..

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J izipizi

J izipizi reading glasses are small round retro frames.They will suit men and women.

izipizi J Fashionable and modern are the terms to describe J izipizi reading glasses. Dioptre strengths +1- +3.Frame length 125mm temple 144 mm izipizi describe their J reading glasses as:"High-quality, lightweight, comfortable reading glasses:

flexible arms, rubber texture...essential for everyday life.

Give yourself a fashionable edge!"

Add izipizi #J reading glasses to your eyewear wardrobe now!