Green lagoon Green lagoon

Green lagoon


Green Lagoon Long Arm Sun Reading GlassesSun, sand, and stories - the perfect summer trilogy for a..

Hawaiian blue Hawaiian blue

Hawaiian blue


Hawaiian Blue Long Arm Sun Reading GlassesSun, sand, and stories - the perfect summer trilogy for an..

Lemon drop Lemon drop

Lemon drop


Lemon Drop Long Arm Sun Reading GlassesSun, sand, and stories - the perfect summer trilogy for any b..

Orange sorbet Orange sorbet

Orange sorbet


Orange Sorbet Long Arm Sun Reading GlassesSun, sand, and stories - the perfect summer trilogy for an..

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Longarm Reading Sunglasses

Longarm Reading Sunglasses

Discover Stylish Convenience with Long Arm Reading Sunglasses

Welcome to a world where functionality meets style—our exclusive collection of Long Arm Reading Sunglasses by Funky readers. Designed with the outdoor reader in mind, these glasses are a perfect companion for sun readers, garden enthusiasts, and beachgoers who value both style and practicality.

Unique Features for Unmatched Comfort and Ease

Our Long Arm Reading Sunglasses stand out with their distinctive long temples, measuring an impressive 160mm, allowing you to conveniently hang them around your neck when not in use. Say goodbye to misplaced glasses and hello to a seamless transition between reading and soaking up the sun.

Key Features Include:

  • Extended Temple Length: At 160mm, the temples allow for easy neck hanging, ensuring your glasses are always within reach.
  • Varied Strength Options: Catering to all needs, we offer strengths from +0 to +3.5, making sure you get the perfect optical support.
  • Superior Lens Quality: The aspheric lenses provide a flatter, more superior reading experience, reducing distortion and enhancing visual comfort.
  • Optimal Protection: With Category 3, 100% UV sun protection, your eyes are shielded against harmful rays, making these glasses ideal for outdoor reading.

A Splash of Colour for Every Taste

Our collection proudly presents four vibrant colours to match your style and mood:

  • Green Lagoon: A serene touch for the nature lover.
  • Hawaiian Blue: Reminiscent of tropical skies, for the dreamer.
  • Lemon Drop: A zesty option that adds a pop of brightness.
  • Orange Sorbet: A warm, inviting choice, perfect for any sunny day.

Dimensions in mm for Perfect Fit & Comfort:

  • Frame Size: 140
  • Lens Depth: 40
  • Temples Length: 160

Designed specifically with your lifestyle in mind, our Long Arm Reading Sunglasses offer not only protection and functionality but also a statement of style. Whether you're lounging in your garden, enjoying a book on the beach, or simply appreciating the outdoors, these glasses will ensure you do so with visual clarity and flair.

Why Choose Our Long Arm Sun Reading Glasses?

Our glasses are not just a tool but a lifestyle accessory. The unique combination of long temples, aspheric lenses, and UV protection, alongside the variety of colours and strengths, makes our collection a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor reading experience.

Get Yours Today

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your outdoor reading sessions. Explore our selections and find your perfect match. For sun readers, garden lovers, and beachgoers alike, our Long Arm Sun Reading Glasses promise an unmatched blend of utility, protection, and style. Step into the sunlight with confidence and clarity.

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Ready to make a statement while enjoying your favourite books under the sun? Browse our collection today and experience the ultimate in reading convenience and style.