Hip smart glasses Hip smart glasses

Hip smart glasses


HIP Smart GlassesCHILL-LISTEN-CONNECTCheck out Sunny Sounds Hip Polarised Smart  glasses. These..

Olympic smart sunglasses Olympic smart sunglasses

Olympic smart sunglasses


Olympic Smart Sport Sunglasses.Olympic Smart Sport glasses, the perfect accessory for those who lov..

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Retro Smart Glasses


Retro Smart GlassesChill-Listen-Connect Retro-Smart Fashion sunglasses are here! With their sle..

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Stay connected

Stay connected

Stay Connected Cruise Eyewear-Sunny Sounds Sunglasses

Introducing Sunny Sounds Sunglasses – the ultimate companion for every cruise-goer and tech-savvy traveller seeking to blend style with cutting-edge functionality. Stay Connected cruise eyewear. These aren't just sunglasses; they represent a new era of connected effortless travel experience. With Sunny Sounds, the open sea and sunny skies are more inviting than ever.

Why Choose Sunny Sounds Sunglasses?

·       Protection Meets Technology: Featuring UV 400 Polaroid lenses, these sunglasses ensure your eyes are shielded from the harsh glare reflecting off the water, making them indispensable on your sun-drenched explorations.

·       Stay Connected, effortlessly: Equipped with Bluetooth 5 technology, Sunny Sounds Sunglasses go beyond the call of duty. Whether you're navigating the decks of a vast cruise ship or exploring a port, stay connected to your music, calls, and even command your device—all without reaching for your phone.

·       Elegance in Every Frame: Choose from three distinct styles—Retro, Hip,and Sport—all designed to complement your unique taste. Crafted with durable,waterproof acetate frames and offered in a sleek black colour, they blend sophistication with utility.

·       Interactive Experience: With innovative 3D touch technology embedded in the temple, managing your soundtracks, or answering calls is as simple as a touch. Plus, voice commands bring a level of convenience that truly elevates your travel experience.

·       Capture Moments on the Go: The ability to take photographs remotely means you can capture picture-perfect moments without missing a beat, ensuring you keep both hands free for more important tasks—like holding a cocktail.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Sunny Sounds Sunglasses offer an unparalleled blend of style, protection, convenience, and technology.Designed specifically with cruise goers, tech enthusiasts, and sun lovers in mind, they ensure that staying connected in the middle of the ocean is as seamlessly and stylish as it gets. These sunglasses set themselves apart as the essential gear for anyone who values tech-savvy solutions to make their travel experiences unforgettable. There is a sale on and these tech sunglasses are now just £75.00

A Call to AdventureSail Smarter. Stay Connected with Sunny Sounds.

Uncover the potential of your travel with eyewear that brings the future of connectivity to the present. Perfect for the adventurer who revels in the details, Sunny Sounds Sunglasses are your gateway to a vacation experience redefined. Don't just explore; immerse yourself in innovation and step into the sunlight with confidence.