I Need You Robert black unisex reading glasses I Need You Robert black unisex reading glasses

I Need You Robert black unisex reading glasses


Experience Visual Comfort with Style - I Need You Robert Black Reader GlassesMeet the 'I Need You R..

I Need You Robert havana unisex reading glasses I Need You Robert havana unisex reading glasses

I Need You Robert havana unisex reading glasses


I Need You Robert Havana Reader GlassesMeet the 'I Need You Robert Reader' – where functionality fli..

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I Need You Robert Unisex Reading Glasses

I Need you Robert unisex reading glasses will suit both men and women looking for a funky classic ready reader. The modern ready readers come in brown and black and are a smart classic frame, great for business meetings and social events. Here is how Robert found his perfect reading glasses.

Robert's Journey to Finding the Perfect Reading Glasses

We all have those moments where we want to spice up our look, and Robert was no exception. He had been feeling down and wanted a little pick-me-up by transforming his exterior into something more modern and funkier. Robert had always stuck with traditional styles, but he was ready for a change. His journey started by trawling through shops and vintage markets looking for something that would fit his new style. After searching for hours, he stumbled upon a leaflet from Funky readers that would completely change his view and his look. Here we will explore Robert's journey to finding the perfect reading glasses, and how he became a convert to Funky Readers classics.

Robert was so pleased that he had discovered Funky readers a company that specialized in reading glasses for those who wanted something stylish and unique. They offered a vast selection of glasses with different colours, styles, and shapes, and Robert couldn't resist looking. He loved that they included measurements for each pair of glasses online, so he was able to find the perfect fit. The glasses themselves were also well-designed, with quality lenses and sturdy frames that were both lightweight and comfortable.

After browsing through the selection, Robert found a pair of glasses that he fell in love with. They were a classic oblong shaped frame in a tortoise shell colour and had a modern, yet classic feel to them. They were the perfect addition to his wardrobe and completed his new funky look perfectly. He was impressed by the quality of the glasses and even more excited that they were affordable.

Robert chose an aptly named style of glasses from I Need You a German optical partner of Funky readers. They were called “Roberts”. There were two colours black and tortoise shell. Robert preferred the Tortoiseshell.


The Frame length was perfect at 139 with temples 145, lens width 53, depth 34, nose 17 all in mm.

They came in strengths +1-+3 in 0.5 dioptre steps so he could choose different strengths for different circumstances.


Robert's journey to finding the perfect reading glasses was filled with ups and downs, but it ultimately led him to the perfect pair. He had always stuck with traditional styles but was ready to change things up and explore something classic and funkier. His journey led him to Funkyreaders, where he found an incredible selection of glasses that were both stylish and functional. Robert's transformation serves as a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a small change to completely transform our look and boost our confidence. So, if you're feeling a bit down and in need of a pick-me-up, consider exploring unique accessories like reading glasses to add some fun and flair to your wardrobe.