Cruise Eyewear. Have fun and stay protected.

Do you go on Cruises? Then do it in stylish fashionable cruise eyewear. Cruise vacations are often associated with lots of sun, so cruise eyewear is a must. Depending on your vision needs, you may want to take reading glasses, sun readers or regular sunglasses. Additionally, if you're tech-savvy and always looking for new ways to stay connected while on vacation, consider bringing along smart sunglasses. Smart sunglasses look just like regular sunglasses, but they are equipped with features such as Bluetooth connectivity and integrated audio systems. With smart sunglasses, you can easily stay connected without having to worry about carrying around extra technology. No matter what kind of cruise eyewear you choose, make sure they have UV protection to keep your eyes safe from the sun's harmful rays. Have fun and enjoy your cruise vacation!

Eyewear for my cruise.

We think that reading glasses should be worn for different events when on board your cruise ship. They should be fashionable for reading your dinner menu, practical for your trip ashore, and have proper UV sun protection lenses for when you are relaxing reading your book on the deck.

Dinner Eyewear

Whether you are a guest sat at the captains table or dining with friends or loved ones you want to look your best. You will have dressed up for dinner so why should your eyewear let you down,

For the ladies you should look at K-eyes St Tropez and Cannes and the very fashionable Doubleice Italian velvet reading glasses.

For the men look at Bridge a truly Italian statement or at  K11 a classic style and colourAntibes is a geometric frame and if you like circular reading glasses look at Marseille . What ever you choose you will make a statement at dinner

Eyewear for Going a shore

Practical is the name of the game here for both men and women. You want something you can easily carry with you and will not get lost. There are 2 brands that we recommend for you. The first is Hangover reading glasses from I Need You a German brand which has won an award for the design of these glasses. They have extra long temples that allow you to place them on your head or a round your neck when not wearing them on your face and they will never fall off. For easy carrying we recommend the Eiger and Wengen flat framed reading glasses which snuggly into a hard case that you can slip into your pocket for easy travelling.

Eyewear On the deck

You are most likely to be sat either in the sun or maybe the shade reading a book or paper or doing your favourite crossword in your shorts or bikini. The sun will be strong and you will need good eye protection lenses. We recommend the Fizz Collection which have UV 300 sun protection aspheric lenses and come in 4 tropical colours. These sun reading glasses also have longer temples so again hang them from your neck or place on your head when not wearing them, they will not fall off and you will always know where they are.

Cruise Eyewear Sun protection and staying connected.

A good pair of UV 400 sunglasses are essential in the bright sunshine that is reflected from the water. You also may wish to stay connected on board whilst you walk around a large ship. We have the answer with our Sunny Sound smart sunglasses.

  • 3 styles Retro, Hip, and Sport
  • Colour black
  • UV 400 polaroid lenses
  • Waterproof
  • Acetate frames
  • Bluetooth 5 technology
  • Listen to music.
  • Change tracks at a touch of the temple with 3d technology.
  • Hands free calls can be accepted or refused at the touch of the temple.
  • Voice command feature.
  • Take photographs remotely.

Well I hope that we have given you ideas for your eyewear on your next cruise. Please also check out all our other eyewear on our Funkyreaders website and do not forget to have your eyes tested by your optician at least once a year!.

Bon Voyage and Ciao for now!