Reading glasses for nuns

Nuns Reading Glasses.

For centuries, nuns have been dedicated to a life of service and obedience. Reading glasses are essential for many nuns as their time is spent reading and studying religious texts, which can be difficult without the proper strength of reading glasses.Reading glasses can provide nuns with the clarity and comfort they need when reading or studying for long periods. In addition, reading glasses can help minimize eye strain and fatigue, making it easier for nuns to focus on their faith-based work and stay up to date on current trends in theology.

Benefits of reading glasses for nuns

First, they provide clearer vision and make it easier to read small text or objects. Reading glasses for nuns can also help improve posture when reading, helping to reduce neck and back pain associated with long hours of study or prayer.


Historically, nuns have worn reading glasses since the 19th century. One of the most notable examples is Saint Therese of Lisieux, who is said to have worn a pair of reading glasses while writing her autobiography “The Story of a Soul”.


Today, reading glasses for nuns are still used to help improve their vision and make reading easier and do not need to be old fashioned. At Funkyreaders we have a large collection of reading glasses that would be suitable for the modern nun. A practical durable and colourful style are the hangovers which have longer temples for a better fit and can be hung from the neck when not in use. These come in strengths +1-+3 in 0.5 dioptre steps. If you spend a lot of time on a digital screen or computer then our BlueLight reading glasses would be a useful tool. They filter out 40% of blue light emitted from the screen and help prevent eye fatigue and headaches.

More about Saint Therese

"Marie Thérèse Martin was born at Alencon, France on January 2, 1873, the youngest of five daughters. Her father, Louis, was a watchmaker, and her mother, Zelie, who died of breast cancer when Thérèse was four, was a lace maker. She was brought up in a model Christian home. While still a child she felt the attraction of the cloister, and at fifteen obtained permission to enter the Carmel of Lisieux. For the next nine years she lived a very ordinary religious life. There are no miracles, exploits or austerities recorded of her. She attained a very high degree of holiness by carrying out her ordinary daily duties with perfect fidelity, having a childlike confidence in God's providence and merciful love and being ready to be at the service of others at all times. She also had a great love of the Church and a zeal for the conversion of souls. She prayed especially for priests. She died of consumption on September 30, 1897, at the age of 24, and was canonized in 1925. She has never ceased to fulfill her promise: "I will pass my heaven in doing good on earth." Her interior life is known through her autobiography called Story of a Soul. Pope Saint John Paul II declared her a Doctor of the Church in 1997." 

Above are a couple of examples of reading glasses that nuns might find attractive and useful.

Reading Glasses strengths what might I Need

This is just a guide; you should always consult your optician before buying reading glasses.

The powers that are readily available tend to be from +1 dioptre strength to +3.5 and usually progress upward in 0.5 dioptre steps. The strength of the reading glasses can usually be found on the inside of the arm.

By age, a guide only:

1.       40 to 50 +1 or maybe +1.5

2.       51 to 55 +1.5 or +2

3.       56 to 60 +2

4.       61 to 65 +2.5 to +3 or, maybe +3.5

If you do a lot of work on your computer you should really consider Blue Light Filter in either glasses, spectacles or reading glasses. They will filter out up to 40% of the blue light emitted  from the screen. They will protect you from eyestrain and help to prevent headaches.

You should generally try them on before buying to ensure they are not too strong for you. If for instance you thought, you needed a +2 and it felt blurry go back to a weaker strength say +1.5. The strengths should be comfortable on your eyes and give clear magnified vision.

You should also consider buying several different strengths depending on what you need them for. For instance, you might normally be a +1.5 but do close needle work and would benefit from a stronger magnification say +3.

If you do a lot of computer work, consider buying computer screen reading glasses. They will give you magnification and protection from 40% of the blue light.

You can buy screen glasses here.

Regular visits to the optician

By making sure you get the right pair of glasses, spectacles or reading glasses for your vision correction needs, you can ensure that your eyes stay healthy. and your vision is correct. Regular check-ups with an optician are the best way to make sure that your vision remains in good condition and your glasses or spectacles provide the best possible correction for your vision problem. With proper care and maintenance, a quality pair of glasses, spectacles or reading glasses can provide years of clear vision and improved comfort.

Ciao for now!

Martin and Judith