I Need You Capri blue designer reading glasses

I Need You Capri blue designer reading glasses

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I Need You Capri blue

I Need You Capri blue fashion unisex reading glasses. Plastic frame, spring temples from German designer I Need You. Funky modern frames in a summer colour. Blue and white striped pouch. Fashionable men and women should wear these trendy specs

I Need you Capri blue dimensions.

Sizes in mm:

Frame length135

Temple length 145

Lens width 52

Lens depth 32

Nose 16

+1-+3 strengths in 0.50 dioptre steps.

CE-Norm & DIN EN 14139 manufacturing.

Quality and style at affordable prices.

No quibble returns policy.

Go on treat yourself!

More about I Need You.

"As young opticians, we were repeatedly approached by customers in our shop about ready-made glasses. Since our usual dealers could not meet these requirements, we started looking for them ourselves.

We went on trips to the biggest fashion cities in the world and looked around Paris, London, Milan and New York. With every trip we were disappointed anew. It seemed as if the reading glasses had to be as ugly as possible. Actually, as many opticians told us, the reading glasses should only be hidden in drugstores and reminded of the grim grandmother next door.

We didn't understand. The ready-made reading glasses could be a great accessory and they also increase customer frequency for the optician. It can be bought on the spur of the moment and immediately solves the customer's difficulty in reading things that were previously indecipherable. Due to the lower price level, these glasses are often bought in larger quantities. At the same time, owning several copies is extremely convenient.

So we decided to take it into our own hands and founded the company I NEED YOU The Frame Company GmbH. As state-certified opticians and master opticians, we both brought the necessary technical expertise and the important knowledge of customer requirements.

After many successful models, presentation opportunities and trade fairs, I NEED YOU was able to convince with quality and design. Today, the blue hand is an integral part of the industry. A small warehouse in the garage became an entire company complex in the north of Hamburg. Original I NEED YOU today stands for a large, incomparable collection with high standards and has become a trendsetter in the industry."


Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are like ageing you cant stop the march of time and a time will come when you will need reading glasses.

This is nothing to worry about. The condition is called presbyopia.

This condition usually starts in your 40`s and is a change in the lens in the eye and makes it more difficult to see close and read smaller print.

As we get older the condition can worsen. If you are at all concerned, you should make an appointment to see your optician.

In most people there is no problem other than long sightedness

This problem can usually be solved by non-prescription reading glasses.

The strength of the magnification will increase with age, but it is likely that you start with a low power in your 40`s and end up with a higher power in your 60`s.

You can buy non-prescription glasses of all strengths on our website.


This is just a guide. You should seek advice from your optician on your reading glasses strength.

The powers readily available vary from +1 to +3.5 and will increase in steps of +0.5 dioptres.

You can usually find the strength on the arm of the glasses or on the lens.

+1 is the weakest strength of magnification and +3.5 the highest.

Typically, by age 40- to 50-year-olds might need strengths +1-+1.5.

Age 51 to 55 +1.5 to +2

Age 56-60 +2

Age 61-65 +2.5 -+3

You should generally try them on before buying to ensure they are not too strong for you.

If for instance you thought, you needed a +2 and it felt blurry go back to a weaker strength say +1.5.

The strengths should be comfortable on your eyes and give clear magnified vision.

You should also consider buying several different strengths depending on what you need them for.

For instance, you might normally be a +1.5 but do close needle work and would benefit from a stronger magnification say +3.

If you do a lot of computer work, consider buying computer screen reading glasses. They will give you magnification and protection from 40% of the blue light.

You can buy screen glasses here.

Once you have decided on your strength the next step is to choose a frame.


A person with a smaller face would suit a small frame that was either round or rectangular

If you have an oval shaped face a larger round frame might be right for you.

For larger faces a classic rectangular  or a trapezium shape might suit you.


Some people like a simple but practical ready reader. Something that you can take on and off and are robust.

We sell a brand called I Need You from Hamburg that have a style called hangovers.

They are unisex glasses. They are called hangovers not because they give you one, but they have longer temples that give a comfortable and secure fit around your face.

They also can be hung from your neck when not wearing them to read.

If you like fashion then we would recommend 2 brands Izipizi from France and Doubleice from Italy.


If You Want Cheap And Ordinary Ready Readers, You Can Find Them At Any Supermarket. We Are Not Cheap And Boring, But We Are Also Not Expensive. We Sell Fashion Brands From Europe And The UK. The Glasses We Sell Are Good Quality And Durable. We Have A No Quibbles Returns Policy Of 28 Days. Purchases Are Despatched The Same Day By Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For. There Are No Postage Charges For Purchases Over £35 In The UK. We Ship Worldwide Providing Tracking Number. So, If You Are Looking For I Need You Capri Reading Glasses Please Shop Here

Why Buy Funkyreaders

Here Is What Some Of Our Customers Have Said In Reviews:

May I Thank You Once Again For Your Prompt And Courteous Service. It Certainly Counts For A Lot, In These Days Of Companies Only Thinking Of The Short-Term "Bottom Line", Without Reflecting On The Impact Of Poor Service On Their Reputation.
The Anton Glasses Seem Fine, With Good Flexible Hinges. Roger Prescott

Dear Martin.... My Order Has Arrived And I Am Really Pleased With The Glasses I Ordered. They Are Just As Advertised On Your Website.
Thanks For The Leaflets Enclosed.... I Have Put One In My Suitcase To Take To My Sister In England Next Week... She Loves Funky Glasses Too So I'm Sure She Will Be Placing An Order.
Many Thanks For Your Efficient Service. Lesley.

We Provide Reading Strengths From +1 -+3.5. You Will Find All Kinds Of Styles And Types Such As Computer Blue Light Filters Along With Fabulous Fashion Brands From Across Europe.

We Despatch Your Glasses The Same Day Of Purchase And Offer Free Shipping In The UK On Orders Over £35. Our Customers Generally Receive Their Reading Glasses The Next Day. 30 Days No Quibbles Return Policy Will Give You Confidence In Purchasing From Us.

If You Need Any Advice Or Need To Contact Us Even Just For A Chat Ring At Any Time On 07984457786. We Will Always Be Available Or Will Return Your Call.

Ciao For Now!

Martin And Judith      

Reading glasses
Sizes Frame 145 Temple 135 Nose 16 Lens width 52 depth 32
Colour Blue
Strengths +1-+3
Style Classic
Gender Unisex

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