Flat framed blue light filter reading glasses

Flat framed blue light filter reading glasses 

Travelling with your screen devices ? Have you thought about blue light? Would flat framed blue light filter reading glasses help you? Staring at a computer screen can give you headaches and make you feel uncomfortable? If you’re someone who is constantly on your digital devices all day, it’s important to protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by these devicesOne such style that we sell at a reasonable price of £17.50, are the Montana Eiger BL51A blue light filter reading glasses which effectively filter out harsh blue light while still letting in enough of the more comfortable yellow-orange spectrum. It's designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue when using computers or other digital screens.

Flat framed blue light filter reading glasses

An added feature is that both the lenses and the frame are flat. Because of this they fit in its hard flat carrying case which is easy to transport and keeps the glasses safe from damage. With anti-scratch aspheric Blue Filter Lenses, these glasses are perfect for anyone looking to keep their eyes healthy while using digital screens!

Dimensions for Eiger Montana BLF51A in mm.

  1. Colour: blue
  2. Frame : Full rim
  3. Flex Hinges
  4. Lens box 52
  5. Temple 140
  6. Bridge 16
  7. Material: Polycarbonate
  8. Strengths +1-+3.5 in 0.5 dioptre steps.

 So, what are you waiting for get your pair of Montana BLF51A Eiger Blue Light Filter Reading Glasses today!

Glasses, spectacles and reading glasses what are they?

Glasses, spectacles and reading glasses are optical devices that help people who have difficulty seeing normally due to refractive errors in the eye. These problems can range from mild near-sightedness or farsightedness to more serious issues such as astigmatism. Reading glasses are specifically designed for close-up tasks like reading a book or newspaper, but prescription glasses and spectacles can be used for general vision correction. These devices are made of lightweight plastic or metal frames with lenses that contain special coatings to reduce glare and improve comfort. There are a variety of styles available depending on the type of vision correction needed, as well as frames in different shapes and sizes to fit each person’s face. Properly fitted glasses, spectacles and reading glasses can provide clear vision and improved comfort for many people.


With the right prescription lenses and frames, glasses, spectacles and reading glasses can help improve the quality of life for those who need vision correction. They may be able to enjoy activities such as driving or watching television that they would otherwise find difficult or impossible. Furthermore, these devices protect the eyes from dust and other debris while providing visual acuity. Blue filter lenses will help those who do a lot of close screen work. Ultimately, glasses, spectacles and reading glasses can help people enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Regular visits to the optician

By making sure you get the right pair of glasses, spectacles or reading glasses for your vision correction needs, you can ensure that your eyes stay healthy. and your vision is correct. Regular check-ups with an optician are the best way to make sure that your vision remains in good condition and your glasses or spectacles provide the best possible correction for your vision problem. With proper care and maintenance, a quality pair of glasses, spectacles or reading glasses can provide years of clear vision and improved comfort.

Reading Glasses strengths what might I Need

This is just a guide, you should always consult your optician before buying reading glasses

The powers that are readily available tend to be from +1 dioptre strength to +3.5 and usually progress upward in 0.5 dioptre steps. The strength of the reading glasses can usually be found on the inside of the arm.

Typically,by age

1.       40 to 50 +1 or maybe +1.5

2.       51 to 55 +1.5 or +2

3.       56 to 60 +2

4.       61 to 65 +2.5 to +3 or, maybe +3.5

If you do a lot of work on your computer you should really consider Blue Light Filter in either glasses, spectacles or reading glasses. They will filter out up to 40% of the blue light emitted  from the screen. They will protect you from eyestrain and help to prevent headaches.

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