Doubleice Bloom Iris Blue Velvet

Doubleice Bloom Iris Blue Velvet

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Doubleice Bloom Blue Velvet

Unveiling the epitome of sophisticated eyewear - the Doubleice Bloom Iris Blue Velvet glasses. Not just a mere vision aid, these oversized women's and men`s reading glasses integrate luxury, style, and superior functionality into an accessory that promises to be an indispensable item in your fashion repertoire.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Velvet Texture: Each frame is enveloped in indulgent iris blue velvet material that turns reading glasses into a statement piece.
  • Fashion-Forward Design: Oversized for that chic and stylish look that complements any outfit, making these glasses a must-have for every occasion.
  • Shiny Temple Coating: A gleaming finish on the temples adds a touch of elegance, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.

  • Comfortably Sized: Dimensioned in millimetres for precision, with a frame at 135, lens at 45, and temple at 140, we ensure a snug fit for all-day wear.

  • Adjustable Strengths: Catering to your vision needs, these glasses come in strengths ranging from +1 to +3.
  • CE Certified Assurance: Quality you can trust, with the CE mark that meets high safety, health, and environmental protection standards.
  • Versatile Colour Range: Bloom are available in a wide selection of colours to flexibly match your unique style or special events.

Celebrate Your Style with DOUBLEICE

Since 2005, DOUBLEICE has been redefining the world of reading eyewear from bland to grand. Move beyond the conventional with pieces that complement your personal flair. With Doubleice, design meets fashion—an incessant dance between quality, quirkiness, and sublime elegance. For the discerning reader who's an ardent follower of trends yet craves the comforts of classic charm, these glasses are more than an accessory—they're a canvas for your personality.

Visual Elegance Meets Functionality:

Imagine slipping on the Bloom Blue Velvet glasses, reflecting an air of flamboyance and grace. They're not simply designed; they're crafted for those who dare to showcase their dynamic self. These glasses will not only aid your sight but also invite admiring glances.

For the Reader Who Dares to Stand Out

Engage with the world through lenses that offer more than clarity—they invoke a sense of confidence and elegance. You're not following trends; you're setting them. With Doubleice Bloom Iris Blue Velvet glasses, every glance is transformed into a showcase of self-expression and maverick style.

Stride out confidently with this eye-catching accessory—because when you wear Doubleice Bloom Blue Velvet, you're not just seen, you're remembered.


Reading glasses
Sizes Sizes in mm: Frame 135, lens 45, temple 140.
Colour Blue
Strengths +1-+3
Style Velvet-girly
Gender Female-adult
Brand Doubleice

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