Doubleice Bloom black rose velvet

Doubleice Bloom black rose velvet

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Doubleice Bloom Black Rose Velvet Reading Glasses

Doubleice bloom black rose velvet reading glasses are a much sought after style of  glasses. Oversized Funky reading glasses with attitude. The velvet range of reading glasses have taken off in the UK. These are serious fashion reading glasses for discerning women and men.


Frame 135-Lens 45-Temple 140.-Aspheric lenses in strengths +1-+3

Elevate your reading experience with a touch of Italian sophistication. These fashionable reading glasses boast a luxurious velvet frame that caresses the skin, complemented by glossy matching temples that accentuate the sleek design. With dimensions carefully measured to ensure comfort and style these glasses cater to a perfect fit.

Designed for the style-conscious man or woman, each pair comes in strengths ranging from +1 to +3 in 0.5 dioptre steps, promising crystal-clear vision coupled with unbeatable style. Whether you're flirtatious and bold, or serene and sophisticated, Doubleice Bloom has a lens strength tailor-made for you.

Available exclusively for a limited time, these sought-after velvet glasses have taken the UK by storm, becoming a staple in fashion-forward eyewear collections. A favourite amongst trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts, the oblong square shape sets these glasses apart, offering a modern twist on classic elegance.

Key Features

  • Luxury Velvet Fabric Frame: The pinnacle of reading glass luxury, crafted for both comfort and glamour.
  • Glossy Matching Temples: Reflecting the frame's opulence, the temples add a polished finish to these trendy readers.
  • Italian Design by Doubleice: Conceived by a female-driven company in Treviso, transcending traditional design barriers.
  • Fashion-forward Style: A hit among celebrities, joining the velvet accessory trend has never been easier.
  • Practical and Chic: Strengths available from +1 to +3, merge visual clarity with a luxurious appeal.

Adorn yourself with the Doubleice Bloom Black Rose Velvet Reading Glasses and watch your style quotient soar. But haste is of the essence; with pairs "flying out," secure your vision of elegance today.

A true testament to Doubleice's commitment to style and substance, these trendy eyewear pieces are waiting to become the crown jewel of your collection. Fashion may be fleeting, but style is eternal—and your style deserves the timeless charm of velvet.

Discover the sophisticated fusion of function and fashion. Shop the Doubleice Bloom collection now.


Please note this is just a guide. You should always consult your optician.

The powers readily available vary from +1 to +3.5 and will increase in steps of +0.5 dioptres.

You can usually find the strength on the arm of the glasses or on the lens.

+1 is the weakest strength of magnification and +3.5 the highest.

Typically, by age 40- to 50-year-olds might need strengths +1-+1.5.

Age 51 to 55 +1.5 to +2

Age 56-60 +2

Age 61-65 +2.5 -+3

You should generally try them on before buying to ensure they are not too strong for you. If for instance you thought, you needed a +2 and it felt blurry go back to a weaker strength say +1.5. The strengths should be comfortable on your eyes and give clear magnified vision.

You should also consider buying several different strengths depending on what you need them for. For instance, you might normally be a +1.5 but do close needle work and would benefit from a stronger magnification say +3.

If you do a lot of computer work, consider buying computer screen reading glasses. They will give you magnification and protection from 40% of the blue light.

You can buy screen glasses here.

Once you have decided on your strength the next step is to choose a velvet frame.

Reading glasses
Sizes Frame 135mm, Lens 45mm, Temples 140mm
Colour Black Rose
Strengths +1-+3
Style Velvet Bloom-Girly
Gender Unisex-adult
Brand Doubleice

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