I Need You Bluebreaker black computer screen reading glasses I Need You Bluebreaker black computer screen reading glasses

I Need You Bluebreaker black computer screen reading glasses


I Need You Bluebreaker Black Computer Reading Glasses – Your Ultimate Screen CompanionStay ahead in ..

I Need You Bluebreaker tortoise computer reading glasses. I Need You Bluebreaker tortoise computer reading glasses.

I Need You Bluebreaker tortoise computer reading glasses.


I Need You Bluebreaker Tortoise Computer Reading Glasses – Your Ultimate Screen CompanionStay ahead..

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Bluebreaker Glasses

In the era where screens are an integral part of daily life, eye strain from prolonged exposure to digital devices has become a common concern. To address this, we introduce the "I Need YouBluebreaker" computer screen reading glasses—the perfect blend of functionality, style, and eye protection.

Bluebreaker - A Balm for the Eyes

Scientists emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by screens. Bluebreaker glasses are not just reading glasses, they are a filter miracle, designed to absorb a minimum of 40% blue light. This protection ensures a significant reduction in eye fatigue and discomfort, even during extended screen use. It's protection that your eyes will thank you for.

Unmatched Features

Bluebreakers are equipped with UV 400 and HMC-coating, safeguarding eyesight and providing a pleasant visual experience. The spring hinges fitted in each pair of Bluebreaker glasses ensure an exceptionally comfortable fit, critical for users spending long hours in front of digital screens. And they aren't just functional; they are also stylish with unisex frames in two classic colours, black and tortoise, catering to everyone's taste.

Product Dimensions in mm:

  • Frame Width: 145.
  • Temple Length: 145.
  • Lens Width: 52.
  • Lens Depth: 37.

Available in dioptre strengths from 0 to +3.00 in increments of 0.5—everyone can find their perfect fit.

Protecting eyes in the digital age

Protecting eyes in the digital age isn't just a matter of comfort; it's about maintaining the long-term health and wellness of one of our most precious senses. By choosing Bluebreaker glasses, customers are making a commitment to safeguard their vision, ensuring that they can continue to enjoy the convenience of their digital devices without compromising on eye health. It’s an emotional investment in themselves and their future.

Who should buy Bluebreaker?

For all computer users, tech enthusiasts, book lovers, and those in need of quality reading glasses, Bluebreaker stands as a guardian against the harsh environment of blue light. This is an essential accessory for anyone looking to protect their eyes while remaining productive and comfortable.

The unique filter technology sets Bluebreaker apart from its competitions, ensuring well-being in the world of tablets, smartphones, and computers. The high-quality lenses and the special coatings, combined with a fashion-forward design, make these glasses a must-have for anyone facing screens regularly. 

Reading Glasses Strength Guide - This is just a guide-always Consult your Optician.

Navigating the array of reading glasses strengths can be bewildering. Knowing which magnification suits your vision best, especially as it changes with age, is crucial for maintaining comfort and clarity. Whether perusing your favourite book, working on intricate crafts, or spending hours on the computer, the right pair of reading glasses can significantly enhance your visual experience.

Understanding Dioptres and Strengths

Reading glasses come in various strengths, indicated by dioptres, which measure the optical power of the lenses. They range from +1 to +3.5, increasing in steps of +0.5 (e.g., +1, +1.5, etc.). The strength you require depends on your age, the nature of the task, and your visual acuity.

  • +1 to +1.5: Ideal for individuals aged 40 to 50 who are noticing slight difficulties in reading fine print.
  • +1.5 to +2: Suitable for those aged 51 to 55, providing a moderate magnification for reading and detailed work.
  • +2: Recommended for individuals aged 56 to 60, offering a higher level of magnification for clearer vision.
  • +2.5 to +3: Best for those aged 61 to 65, these strengths cater to more advanced visual requirements, providing substantial magnification.

The strength of your reading glasses should offer a balance that clears your vision without strain. Always verify the strength, usually printed on the arm of the glasses or on a lens sticker, before making a purchase.

Selecting the Right Strength

It's generally advisable to try on reading glasses before committing to ensure they provide the right level of magnification. If you believe you need a +2 but find the vision blurry, stepping down to a +1.5 might provide a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience.

Your daily activities should also inform your choice of reading glasses:

  • For close needlework or detailed crafts, a higher magnification, such as +3, could prove beneficial.
  • For computer use, consider glasses that offer magnification and blue light protection to mitigate eye strain and enhance digital screen readability.

Remember, the optimum reading glasses strength should make reading and close-up tasks comfortable and strain-free.

When to Consult an Optician

While this guide can help you start your search for the perfect pair of reading glasses, nothing replaces professional advice from an optician. If you're experiencing significant or unexplained changes in your vision, scheduling an eye examination is crucial. An optician can provide a precise assessment of your vision needs, ensuring you select reading glasses that not only improve your sight but also support your eye health.

Final Thoughts

In the quest for the perfect pair of reading glasses, understanding your needs and the available strengths is just the beginning. Your lifestyle, the type of tasks you undertake, and, importantly, professional guidance from an optician, all play a role in finding the ideal solution for your vision. With the right pair of reading glasses, not only will you see the world more clearly, but you'll also relieve your eyes of unnecessary strain, enhancing overall comfort and satisfaction.