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What Makes specs cool?

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing quite like a cool dude who confidently wears specs in timeless classic frames and modern shapes, Wearing reading glasses can make a bold statement that screams confidence.

Attitude & Confidence: Why Dudes Who Wear Reading Glasses Look So Cool

There’s something about a cool dude who rocks reading glasses that exudes confidence and style. It’s almost as if the glasses are a symbol of sophistication and maturity – an outward expression of intelligence and knowledge the beauty of reading glasses is that they’re so versatile. From John Lennon to Harry Styles, wearing a pair of stylish frames has become synonymous with coolness. Whether it’s a classic frame, a modern shape, or a bold colour – reading glasses can be the perfect statement piece for any look. Not only are they practical and functional, but they’re also stylish and fashionable.

The Best Frames for Your Face and Style

When it comes to choosing the right frames, it all depends on your face shape and style preference. Do you prefer a modern look or something more classic? Are you looking for bold colours or subtle shades? Once you’ve figured that out, then you can start browsing frames that fit your face and style. Make sure to try them on in person – that way, you can be sure they’re the perfect fit.

Cool specs can be the perfect accessory for any look, but they’re also a powerful symbol of attitude and confidence. Cool dudes who wear reading glasses always look stylish and fashionable, no matter what kind of frames they choose to rock. Whether it’s classic shapes or modern designs – reading glasses can be the ideal way to show off your style and fashion sense. Reading glasses are a stylish statement piece for any look, but they’re so much more than just fashion. They symbolize confidence and attitude – two qualities that every cool dude should have

Funkyreaders Cool Specs for Cool Dudes.

So what frames do we think you can really rock in? there are 2 really cool shapes on trend at the moment and they are small circular specs and geometric shapes.

Look at 3 Brands which we think fit the bill.


The Anton MR69 are the perfect round shape in 4 colours made for small faces. So fashionable now. They are Swiss designed. With flex hinges and durable frames. Montana have other styles that are worth looking at.


Look at Antibes with a geometric shape in mixed colours that really stand out. The lenses are scratch resistant and antifogging. Whilst you are on the K-eyes page look at some of the other cool dude reading glasses. Marseille is retro cool and have some very trendy colours too.

I Need You.

Based in Hamburg, their reading glasses are fashionable, practical, cool and fun. We recommend that you look at the Doktors.

We hope that we have given you some food for thought and that you will also browse our full collection of reading glasses.

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