About Doubleice

About Doubleice 

A Tradition of Excellence – Fashioned for the Future

Since their inception in 2005, Doubleice has been at the forefront of redefining the concept of reading glasses from mere functional tools to coveted fashion accessories. They proudly introduced the notion of "democratic luxury," allowing for an expansion of self-expression through their colourful and stylish designs.

Rooted in a rich history that harks back to the 1950s, Doubleice is the embodiment of a legacy passed down through generations. The heart and soul of their innovation are bestowed by an all-woman team, whose expertise and passion are woven into the fabric of the brand's DNA.

The Collection

Here Fashion Meets Functionality.

At Doubleice, they live in a kaleidoscope world where every accessory reflects personality and zest for life. Their range encompasses sun and reading glasses that stand out for their vibrant hues and imaginative design. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to transform your daily wear into an act of joyful self-expression.

The collection extends an invitation to infuse your every day with freshness, gentleness, and a burst of colour. Conceived to surprise and delight, Doubleice glasses are not just a practical choice but a creative statement that resonates with your distinctive style.

Exclusive Italian Design in the UK

In collaboration with Funky Readers, Doubleice is proud to introduce Italian-designed glasses to the stylish customer base in the UK. With fashion-forward, colourful, and playful artistry, their offerings from Treviso embody imaginative flair that sets them apart.

Funky Readers relish in the thought of bringing a slice of Italy into your daily life with reading glasses that serve as a testament to your individuality and love for design.


Sustainable Innovation

Doubleice products have polycarbonate aspherical lenses with perfectly aligned focal centres ensure clarity and comfort for all users. With every pair, they provide a complimentary maxi felt pouch and a ‘I’M GREEN’ bioplastic bag, made from renewable sugar cane resources, demonstrating their commitment to reducing environmental impact.The future of eyewear is green, and Doubleice stands at the forefront with their groundbreaking BIO BASED Wonderland collection. Featuring frames made with 45% castor oil, they are pioneering an era where eco-conscious materials meet cutting-edge style.

 Commitment to a World Filled with Colour

Doubleice is more than a brand; it's a philosophy that celebrates a world alive with colour and alternative creativity. The sun and reading glasses extend beyond functionality—they represent a commitment to making every moment enjoyable.

Through their products, they channel practicality, creativity, and affordability so you can elevate your look with just the right touch. Doubleice is dedicated to ensuring that your choice of accessory is as vibrant, and fun filled as you are.

What Funky Readers Customers Say

"I bought these while in Italy, and they are my favourite glasses. Super comfy, great colour and came back for a few more." - Heather B, 30/01/2023

Beautifully comfortable and a testament to Italian craftsmanship, Doubleice is where accessory meets artistry. Heather's experience is a gleeful chapter in the story we craft with every pair delivered.

Connect with Colour, Comfort, and Style

Join us in savouring a spectrum of shades and innovative design. Explore Doubleice's offerings and discover the perfect pair that enlivens your style and vision. Embark on a visual adventure steeped in heritage, shaped by modernity, and coloured with joy.

Martin Cunningham

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