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Funky Readers has a vision to bring reading glasses that are fresh new quality fashionable and innovative reading glasses, sun reading glasses, smart glasses, funky eyewear and accessories to the UK. Enjoy our website and products. Browse our branded reading glasses collections. and let us know what you think about our range of reading glasses. Funky Readers are always in pursuit of fashion and are here to listen to you. 

Your eyesight is important so please visit your optician at least once a year for a check up and to find your correct reading glasses strength.

At Funky Readers, we are proud to offer an exquisite range of brands that cater to every style and need. Discover the chic and stylish Doubleice Reading Glasses, or explore the sophisticated and durable designs of I Need You Eyewear. For those who adore French elegance, our K-Eyes Reading Glasses are a perfect choice, and for the lovers of Swiss precision, the Montana Reading Glasses collection awaits. And, of course, our range wouldn't be complete without the iconic and fashionable Izipizi Reading Glasses. Each brand in our portfolio is carefully selected to ensure you enjoy the best in both fashion and function.

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A selection of our featured reading glasses and eyewear from leading brands such as: Izipizi, Montana, Doubleice, K-Eyes and more.

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The latest and greatest reading glasses and eyewear available.

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Discover the World of Reading Glasses with Clarity

At FunkyReaders, our primary focus is crystal-clear: to provide top-notch Reading Glasses that don’t just help you see better, but also make a style statement. Delve into your favourite novel, review a report for work, or relish the fine print of a Sunday magazine; with our range of glasses for reading, every word becomes a delight.

A Blend of Comfort, Style, and Precision

In the intricate world of eyewear, it's not just about magnification—it's about an immersive reading experience. Our selection of reading glasses seamlessly blends ergonomic design with contemporary style. Crafted for those who don't compromise on clarity or fashion, FunkyReaders ensures you have the perfect accessory every time you turn a page.

Reading Glasses for Every Aesthetic

No two readers are the same, and neither should be the glasses they wear. Whether you're in the mood for something sleek and sophisticated or quirky and eclectic, our diverse collection caters to every taste. From minimalist designs that whisper elegance to vibrant frames that shout personality, every pair of our glasses for reading is an ode to the unique reader in you.

Trust, Quality, and Vision

For years, FunkyReaders has been a beacon for individuals seeking reliable reading solutions. Our commitment to quality ensures that every pair of reading glasses that rests on your nose is durable, comfortable, and precise. Step into the enlightening world of clear text and stylish frames; step into a world where glasses for reading are more than just an aid—they're a lifestyle.

Shop the Best, Read the Best

So, whether you're rediscovering classics, exploring new worlds in contemporary literature, or simply navigating daily life with ease, FunkyReaders is your trusted companion. Our passion for vision shines through in every pair. Choose clarity, choose style, choose the best reading glasses the market has to offer. Join the FunkyReaders family and see the difference.

Explore Our Exclusive Brand Collections

At FunkyReaders, we take pride in offering a diverse range of premium reading glasses from some of the finest European and Swiss brands. Each collection is curated with an eye for style, quality, and comfort.

Whether you're seeking a pair for work, leisure, or to add a touch of flair to your outfit, our collections cater to every need and style. Discover the perfect pair of reading glasses that suits your personality and lifestyle.