I Need You Luca blue tortoise I Need You Luca blue tortoise

I Need You Luca blue tortoise


I Need You Luca reading glasses blue tortoise. Timeless and modern with a classic, angular shap..

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Luca reading glasses i need you

Luca reading glasses from I need you.

Timeless and modern with a classic, angular shape appears the LUCA by I Need You. 

Due to the colour  design and glossy finish Luca is also spory and elegant.

The Proven spring technology ensures that even these light reading are comfortable to wear.

LUCA reading glasses are available in strengths from +1.00 dpt to +3.00 dpt in steps of 0.5


I NEED YOU reading glasses began to expand quickly in 2010 and 2011, agreeing partnerships with distributors in France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

We at Funky Readers are very proud to be the company selling I NEED YOU in the UK.

We believe that I NEED YOU’s products offer some of the most innovative and high quality reading glasses available on the market at the moment.

Many members of the I NEED YOU team are certified master opticians, and certified opticians.

This adds to the quality of their products.

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