Smart Glasses travel to Salisbury

  • Smart Glasses travel to Salisbury
25 Oct 2022

Smart Glasses travel to Salisbury

The Sunny Sounds Smart Glasses have been an instant hit with the tech-savvy middle-aged men and women of Salisbury who like to be hip retro and sporty. The glasses are perfect for people who want to listen to their music and stay connected at the same time. We took Sunny Sounds to Rockbourne a charity Fair in Salisbury where we were exhibiting our Funkyreaders. After a customer had finished purchasing their reading glasses, we introduced them to the Sunny Sounds Smart Glasses. The looks on their faces as they put the glasses on were amazing. Where was the music coming from! Wow that sound is fantastic! were some of the instant comments. We explained that the glasses had automatic induction and that when they placed them on their face they immediately turned on and within 1 second that they connected to the Bluetooth paired device which was my iPhone where Classic FM was playing Mozart Instantly the customers were interested and wanted to know about these magic glasses. We explained that the glasses connected to the Bluetooth app on the smart phone and that anything on the phone could be listened to. Music, audio books, radio etc. They wanted to know how the volume could be turned up or down, and we showed them the 3D touch feature on the temples. Tap the temple to turn up and turn down the volume. I explained that they could also turn the volume up on their phone. There was genuine interest in the 3D touch technology and their jaws dropped when I explained the other features. I was able to show them that through the temples they could change tracks on the music they were listening to instantly. When I explained the " Voice assistant" feature there was incredulity. We demonstrated how at 3 touches of the temple the Voice Assistant spoke and you could ask it to do whatever you wanted. The fact that you could ask it to phone a contact in your phone such as “Mum” and take the call through the glasses was greeted with gasps of awe. I explained that incoming calls could also be taken and rejected through the 3D temple technology. The frames being made of PC acetate which are light weight fitted comfortably and the fact that the lenses were UV 400 polaroid were greeted favourably, especially one style Retro where the lenses could be replaced with their own prescription lenses. The 3 styles we took were Retro which is a wayfarer style and fitted all faces. The Hip which has a larger mirror framed lens and the Olympic Sports. The Olympic sports proved very popular and were purchased by one man to wear whilst he went fishing. He liked the fact that he could chill, listen, and stay connected whilst he could look at the water through the REVO PC UV 400 polaroid visor lens and listen to his music and make and take calls. We had lots of people who stopped by to try the glasses on and see what they were like. One ladies experience stood out as she was amazed when we showed her how she could answer a call from someone through the phone in her pocket and that it would be transferred to the Smart Glasses automatically and all without touching her phone in her pocket! The glasses were a huge hit at the Rockbourne Fair and I am sure that we will be seeing them on many more people in the future. They are perfect for anyone who wants to stay connected whilst staying hands free. As we left Salisbury, we received the good news that Funkyreaders had won the award of best e-tailer in eyewear in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Please leave a comment if you wish and why not buy a pair of Sunny Sounds and try them yourself. Amazing value at £99.50.

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  • Tris Rich
    2022-10-27 06:04:28
    Stylish design, Wow sound, I love these smart glasses Hip, Retro, and Olympic so much. They just make my life far more interesting. Congratulations on your hot selling Martin. Cheers!

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