I Need You Bluebreaker black computer screen reading glasses

I Need You Bluebreaker black computer screen reading glasses

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I Need You Bluebreaker Black Computer Reading Glasses – Your Ultimate Screen Companion

Stay ahead in the digital era with the sleek and professional I Need You Bluebreaker black computer reading glasses, designed for modern professionals, gamers, and students who demand both style and substance. With these innovative glasses, give your eyes the protection they need while exuding a tech-savvy cool.

Frame 137-temples 145-Lens 52 x 37

Product Highlights:

·       40% Blue Light Filtration: Reduced digital eye strain for healthier vision.

·       Sleek Black Frame: Modern design that complements any look.

·       UV 400 and HMC-Coating: Comfortable and clear screen viewing experience.

·       Variety of Dioptre Strengths (+0 to +3): Personalized fit for your visual needs.

·       Quality Assured: Adherence to CE-Norm & DIN EN 14139 standards.

·       Risk-Free Purchase: Benefit from a straightforward returns policy.

Protective Features to Keep You Going

Crafted with a passion for clarity and eye care, the Bluebreaker glasses come with lenses meticulously engineered to filter out 40% of harmful blue light emitted by your computer screen, iPhone, or laptop. Equipped with a UV 400 rating and a superior HMC-coating, your eyes can now relish a strain-free and pleasant viewing experience.

Stylish Design and Comfortable Fit

The black frame of the Bluebreaker glasses redefines sophistication, merging a modern look with an everyday comfort fit. With a frame length of 137mm, temples stretching to 145mm, and lens dimensions of 52mm width by 37mm depth, they are crafted to suit a wide array of face shapes. Whether you're reading, gaming, or tackling a digital project, find a perfect fit with dioptre strengths ranging from +0 to +3.

Enhanced Visual Experience

Beyond protection, the Bluebreaker glasses offer an enhanced visual experience thanks to its anti-reflective coating, ensuring you can focus on your digital tasks with less glare and more clarity.

Commitment to Satisfaction

Underpinned by a 'no quibble' returns policy, I Need You ensures that your satisfaction is paramount. Experience quality, style, and the tech-edge appeal at unbeatable prices with the Bluebreaker glasses. Become your most productive self and redefine your digital life with the I Need You Bluebreaker computer reading glasses – where innovation meets your well-being.


This is just a guide. You should seek advice from your optician on your reading glasses strength.

The powers readily available vary from +1 to +3.5 and will increase in steps of +0.5 dioptres.

You can usually find the strength on the arm of the glasses or on the lens.

+1 is the weakest strength of magnification and +3.5 the highest.

Typically, by age 40- to 50-year-olds might need strengths +1-+1.5.

Age 51 to 55 +1.5 to +2

Age 56-60 +2

Age 61-65 +2.5 -+3

You should generally try them on before buying to ensure they are not too strong for you.

If for instance you thought, you needed a +2 and it felt blurry go back to a weaker strength say +1.5.

The strengths should be comfortable on your eyes and give clear magnified vision.

You should also consider buying several different strengths depending on what you need them for.

For instance, you might normally be a +1.5 but do close needle work and would benefit from a stronger magnification say +3.

If you do a lot of computer work, consider buying computer screen reading glasses. They will give you magnification and protection from 40% of the blue light.

You can buy screen glasses here.

Once you have decided on your strength the next step is to choose a frame. Tortoise or black?.

Reading glasses
Sizes Frame 145, Temple 137, lens width 52 lens depth 37
Colour Black
Strengths 0 - +3
Style Computer glasses
Gender Unisex

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