Funkyreaders Global Brand

Funkyreaders Global Brand

Funkyreaders global brand of I Wear Funky and Fizz Collection are regularly sold across the world. We have Global happy customers in Australia, Canada, USA and across Europe where there is an added incentive outside the UK of VAT free shopping saving 20%. The Fizz collection are hangover style sun reading glasses and I wear Funky is a collection of Design 1 and Design 2 reading glasses and sun reading glasses.

Funkyreaders Brand-Fizz Collection sun reading glasses.

Funkyreaders fizz collection lemon dropFizz collection long arm reading glasses

Here are 2 colours in the Fizz Collection, Orange Sorbet and Lemon Drop. There are 2 other colours in the collection. The special feature of the Fizz Collection are their long temples which allow the glasses to hang around your neck or fit snuggly on your head when not wearing them on your face.


Temples 160mm with a curve.

Frame 140mm

Lens depth 40mm

Aspheric lenses with cat 3 100% UV sun protection

Strengths +0-+3.5 in half dioptre steps.

Funkyreaders Global brand Design