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Film Theatre TV wardrobe

Film Theatre TV wardrobe

Film Theatre TV Wardrobe

Reading Glasses for Wardrobe Supervisors and Assistants

Film theatre tv wardrobe. Reading glasses for wardrobe supervisors and assistants. If you're a film or theatre buff, then you understand that the production design is everything. From the intricate set pieces to the dazzling costumes, every aspect of the production must be executed flawlessly. This is where the wardrobe supervisor and assistant come in, the unsung heroes of the production design.

A wardrobe supervisor and assistant are responsible for organizing and managing all aspects of the wardrobe department, from the initial costume design to the final fitting. here we will discuss why the wardrobe supervisor and assistant need reading glasses and how it benefits the production.

Reading glasses for Fine Detail Work

One of the most crucial aspects of a wardrobe supervisor and assistant's job is making sure that the costumes are perfect down to the last detail. This means that they must meticulously check every seam and stitch in the garment to ensure that there are no loose threads or sagging fabric. This type of work requires excellent eyesight and attention to detail, and reading glasses can help achieve that. Reading glasses come in different strengths, and they help magnify minute details that may be missed by the naked eye.

Reading glasses for measurements

 Measuring every actor for their costumes is a primary role of the wardrobe supervisor and assistant. Everybody has unique measurements, and costumes must be tailor-fit to each actor. The wardrobe supervisor and assistant will use a measuring tape to measure the length of an actor's limbs and torso, and this requires accuracy – one mistake can cause an ill-fitting costume. Reading glasses come in handy in this scenario as they help see the precise measurement on the measuring tape and record it correctly.

Lighting conditions

Costume fitting involves working in varied lighting conditions, especially in film and theatre productions. Depending on the scene's settings, costumes may be fitted indoors, outdoors, or in dimly lit areas. Wearing reading glasses in these scenarios helps see the details of the costume, reducing the chances of mistakes that occur when working in poor lighting conditions.

Time constraints

Sometimes costume changes must take place quickly, and it is essential for the wardrobe supervisor and assistant to work efficiently under time constraints. Wearing reading glasses helps streamline the process, enabling them to work quickly and efficiently while minimizing mistakes.


Working in the wardrobe department, wardrobe supervisors and assistant spend considerable time creating intricate costumes. The process entails hunching over tiny details in a garment, and this can cause neck and shoulder pain. Investing in a pair of reading glasses with comfortable frames and nose pads can ease the strain on the eyes and upper body, making the work more manageable.

The job of a wardrobe supervisor and assistant requires precision and accuracy, and reading glasses can make work easier. They help improve visibility and reduce errors, making the work of the wardrobe supervisor and assistant more efficient. Investing in reading glasses is an investment in production design quality, and it should be considered by anyone who works in the wardrobe department. So, the next time you're watching a captivating film or theatre production, remember that the wardrobe supervisor and assistant played a large role in creating the visual spectacle, thanks to their reading glasses!

Look no further for those reading glasses. Here they are!

Funkyreaders funky reading glasses

In recent years, funky reading glasses have become a sought-after accessory in film and theatre. They add a certain level of cool vibe to a character's look, especially when they are paired with the character's clothes and overall style. These glasses have become a staple in the costume department, with wardrobe supervisors always keeping a stock of them in their bag of tricks.

Types of Funky Reading Glasses:

There are various types of funky reading glasses available in the market. From colourful, oversized frames to small, round frames, there is a style for everyone. The trick is to find the perfect glasses that complement the character's outfit and personality. Popular styles include vintage-inspired Wayfarers, large cat-eye frames, Velvet, and thick-framed glasses with a unique design.

Funkyreaders Reading Glasses for the Wardrobe Supervisor:

Wardrobe supervisors and assistants are often seen wearing funky reading glasses themselves while on set. Apart from complementing their style, these glasses are also useful when examining costumes or scripts. They come in handy when fixing a button or adding the finishing touches to an actor's outfit. Wardrobe supervisors and assistants can switch up the glasses based on the character they are working on, adding a touch of fun and personality to their outfit. Look at the Hangovers which are attractive and practical. With longer temples they can sit on the end of your nose, and they will not fall off. You can place them on your head or around your neck when not wearing them and they will not fall off. Worth having a look.

Funky Reading Glasses as a Character Prop:

Funky reading glasses also make a great prop for character development. They can be used to convey a message or indicate a character's personality. For example, a character who is a fashion-obsessed diva might wear large cat-eyeglasses, while a quirky character might wear small circular frames. In some instances, the reading glasses may not even be used for their intended purpose, but rather as an accessory to accentuate the character's outfit.

Where to Find Funky Reading Glasses:

Funkyreaders is the home of all things funky and the home of reading glasses. A one stop online store where you can buy European branded reading glasses for everyone. Head to www.funkyreaders.co.uk


Funky reading glasses have become a fun and trendy accessory in the film and theatre industry, adding a touch of personality to a character's outfit. Not only that, but wardrobe supervisors and assistants can also use them as an aid for costuming and script readings. There is a wide variety of frames available, which allows for endless possibilities in character development. So, if you're looking for a fashionable accessory, or you want to enhance your character's style, get yourself a pair of funky reading glasses today