Glastonbury crazy Guitar Sunglasses Glastonbury crazy Guitar Sunglasses

Glastonbury crazy Guitar Sunglasses


Glastonbury crazy guitar sunglasses.Glastonbury is coming let your crazy guitar sunglasses speak for..

Glastonbury crazy Hand Sunglasses

Glastonbury crazy Hand Sunglasses


Okay Crazy Hand Sunglasses.Glastonbury crazy hand sunglasses speak for themselves!! Have fun an..

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Coronation Sunglasses

Coronation Sunglasses

Coronation sunglasses

Coronation sunglasses. Fly the flag with Funkyreaders Coronation Sunglasses no subject of King Charles should be with out a pair They are Funky and Cookie and will add loads of fun to your coronation day celebrations.

King Charles

These union jack wayfarer sun glasses are outstanding value. With soft rubberised frames and flex temples you will be able to wear them all day and into the evening. The sun lenses are slightly mirrored and give UV 400 sun protection. Any cool Royal will want to wear these!


Frame 145

Lens depth 45

temples 140

Queen Camilla

These are the most cookie off the wall sunglasses you will ever see. Large round union jack frames with chain temples and union jack earrings!!


Frame length 150

Frame depth 60

Light black lenses

UV 400 sunglass lenses.

You better buy these as soon as you can because they will not last long!

More about the coronation

The coronation of King Charles in May 2023 will be a grand affair, with festivities and celebrations taking place all over the United Kingdom to honour the new monarch.  A large procession will set off arriving in Westminster Abbey for the coronation ceremony. On site, thousands of people will line up outside to watch the ceremony and celebrate with their new King.

During the coronation, Charles will take an oath in which he affirms his commitment as King and pledges his loyalty to his people. The Archbishop of Canterbury will then anoint him with holy oil, proclaiming him King before placing a crown on his head. After this, trumpets will sound, signalling the new King’s coronation to all.

The coronation of King Charles in May 2023 is certain to be a spectacular event, one that will go down in history as a momentous occasion symbolizing the start of a new era under his rule. With its ceremonies and events, it is sure to be a memorable and exciting day for the public who will be celebrating in style. From parades and banquets to fireworks and speeches, we can rest assured that the coronation of King Charles III will be one for the books!

This momentous event will certainly inspire many public celebrations throughout May 2023 as the nation celebrates Charles’ ascent to the throne. With so much joy and excitement sure to abound, this is one event that no one will want to miss!

Fly the flag for King and country with Funkyreaders coronation sunglasses you would not want to miss out on these.