Doubleice Bloom black rose velvet Doubleice Bloom black rose velvet

Doubleice Bloom black rose velvet


Doubleice Bloom Black Rose Velvet Reading GlassesDoubleice bloom black rose velvet reading glasses a..

Doubleice Black Velvet

Doubleice Black Velvet


Doubleice Black VelvetDoubleice Black Velvet are sophisticated  glamorous men and women`s ..

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Black velvet

Black velvet

Black Velvet Reading Glasses

Black velvet reading glasses. One style that has been growing popular among the fashionistas is black velvet reading glasses. These black glasses have a sleek and sophisticated look with their velvet frames that enhances any outfit, while also providing clear vision

Black Velvet The Comfort Factor

When it comes to reading, it's crucial to have the utmost comfort. With black velvet reading glasses, you needn't worry about painful pressure on your nose bridge or ears. The plush velvet material used to make the glasses ensures they are gentle on your skin, thus allowing you to enjoy the calming activity of reading without discomfort.

Black Velvet will Suit Any Outfit

Another benefit of black velvet reading glasses is they perfectly complement any outfit. Whether you wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or a blazer and dress pants, the glasses add a touch of sophistication to your overall look. Better yet, they come in various strengths to suit your preference.

Protection from eye strain with Black Velvet Reading Glasses

Reading in low-light environments can strain the eyes, leading to headaches and blurry vision. You can avoid this by using black velvet reading glasses fitted with aspheric scratch-resistant lenses. They come in strengths +1-+3 in 0.5 dioptre steps.

A Style Statement

Black velvet reading glasses are the perfect accessory to show off your sense of style. They come in two styles: classic and bloom. You can opt for the classic frame if you prefer a smaller frame or the bloom frame if you want a larger frame.

Classic Dimensions:

Frame 140, lens 40, temple 140 all in mm.

Bloom Dimensions:

Frame 135, lens 45 and temples 140 all in mm.

Easy to Carry Along

Black velvet reading glasses come with matching-coloured carrying cases that keep your glasses clean and protected from scratches.

Black velvet reading glasses are the perfect accessory for fashionistas

Black velvet reading glasses are the perfect accessory for fashionistas and book lovers. They provide comfort, style, and protection, all in one. With two stylish frames to choose from and more than a few dioptre steps, you can comfortably read in any environment while rocking a sleek pair of glasses that will make you stand out. If you're looking for a stylish pair of reading glasses, choose black velvet reading glasses for your next purchase and be amazed at how they enhance your reading experience and your look!

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